Green Screen

I am currently in the process of learning green screen technology based on the following thesis:

Green screen technology usage will increase my skit comedy
videos’ production value by enabling exotic images and absurd
cartoonish drawings to take the place of elaborate sets and
background scenery

I picked up a fairly inexpensive setup from Amazon and have included a picture below:

   Also, here are the links as to some of my research materials in order to learn this process:
“What is Chroma Key?”. Lumeo.
“The Chroma Effect”. Chroma Key Tutorial. BorisFX.
Kathryn Ramey (30 July 2015). Experimental Filmmaking: Break the Machine. p. 70. ISBN 9781136071508.
Foster, Jeff (2010). The Green Screen Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 978-0-470-52107-6.
“Illusions Take Home First Oscars”. CRI English. 14 February 2005
“The Keys To Chromakey: How To Use A Green Screen”. Videomaker.
Ashihkmin, Michael. “High Quality Chroma Key”. University of Utah.
Cannon, Edward. “Greenscreen code and hints”.

And I have also picked up a new computer to edit on- a Windows PC. So I’ll have to make the switch from Final Cut Pro (only available on Mac) to Davinci Resolve.

AMD 5900x with RTX 3070