As an artist, and as a person, I believe in comedy and clarity. Things today are often too complicated, convoluted and serious for one to derive any joy out of.  So, as a result, my work is an effort to increase the basic joy in everyone’s life. In that endeavor, I seek to make people laugh hysterically with the video production of comedy skits and to help people accomplish tasks (especially those in the field of recreation) with clear cut tutorial videos and photos.   

The Armageddon derives its name from the comedy I aim to produce. I believe that God made comedy and wants to show the world that he does have a sense of humor. To forward that aim, God has made me and given me the gift of humor. Many of my skits feature God as a humorous character in them. Hence, the name “The Armageddon” for a show of these productions.

– Kyle Freese