Behind the Scenes of Set-Top

So, I finished shooting the spoof infomercial, Set-Top Bananas. It was fun because the actors, including myself really enjoyed their lines. The hardest part was to be serious and not laugh at what we were saying. Also, one of the actors was having a bad day and I could see their day get better after being a part of something so funny; they couldn’t help but smile after a good laugh.

Next up- editing. I am currently using Final Cut Pro but would like to also learn Premiere soon. I just found out yesterday how easy it is to change the play speed of a section in Final Cut and I’m looking forward to using that feature- specifically where I pickup the bananas off the cable box to show the audience their “quality”. I want to slow that footage down for dramatic effect. You should be able to view the final production on this website at the end of next week. In the meantime here is some behind the scenes footage captured by one of my actors.