New Equipment!

So, after a long summer being broke, Fall quarter at school finally arrived along with my much anticipated financial aid. Being that I’m a Digital Media Production major, I decided to invent in some gear.    

 My focus is primarily video, but I still (pun intended) want to be able to take quality stills. To that end, I chose the fairly expensive (for a micro 4/3 camera), the Olympus om-d em-1 mark III. Although, I am just getting started with it, my initial impression is impressed. It appears to be living up to it’s hype. It is pretty much, the only stills camera that can do 4k video with no noticeable rolling shutter effect. And, it has an incredible bit rate (237 mb/s, IPB compression) in c4k 24p.    

I will keep this blog updated with information regarding this camera appointment with all of my equipment as time progresses. One thing I can say right now is that the camera I am for sure keeping.

Olympus Om-d Em-1 mark III with Rode Nt-3

     The microphone I chose though, the Rode NT-3, quite possibly is going to be returned to Adorama. It was to be used as an indoor boom mic, but seems to have too much natural room reverb for my taste- not much better than the shotgun mic that I used last quarter for indoor dialogue.    

I chose the mic due to budget constraints after reading about it first in the questions and answers at the end of the following indoor boom dialogue microphone reviews at B&H:

I am going to probably just have to save up another 300 dollars for one of the more recommend mics in the list, like the Audio-Technica AT4053b, which reportedly has very little room reverb and/or echo.
In the meantime, I want to get a second lav system and a small camera cold shoe mounted mixer like the tascam DR-60DMKII. Then I can record dialogue using the ADR like sound of sennheiser lavs. I guess my actors will just have to have wardrobe constraints.