Update on Equipment:

I ended up keeping the rode nt-3 microphone like I said in the last blog.

I own it now.

BUT, I returned the camera- the Olympus OM-D EM-1 mark III. Don’t get me wrong, it is an amazing camera. It just turns out that most of my work is indoor dialogue and the micro-four thirds sensor size doesn’t give me the shallow depth of field that I’m looking for in such a close environment. I’m just going to have to go with a full frame camera after all, even though full frame cameras often have a lot of jello effect caused by rolling shutter during pans and gray action scenes. That’s why I chose the Olympus- it has no rolling shutter artifacts, thus making it best for action and long distance, like sports and wildlife footage.

Sadly, I sent this beauty back- The Olympus Om-d em-1 mark III.

 But, since I am not doing panning and action scenes anyway, I think I’ll be better off with a full frame camera and it’s shallower depth of field for a more dramatic/cinematic look.     

I have decided to pre-order the Nikon Z6 II that is scheduled to start shipping sometime in November (2020).   

 I called Nikon and asked about their return policy in case I don’t like it. They said they don’t accept returns once the box has been opened- unlike Olympus, which accepts returns up to 45 days even after trying the camera out. So, I will have to get it from Adorama in order to protect myself with their 30 day return policy.    

 I seriously considered the Sony a7III but decided against it mostly because there is no way to see yourself for framing shots alone. Some of the camera’s most important autofocus features become disabled when an external monitor is connected.      

The Nikon should work fine when I add an external monitor. At least I hope so- I guess I’ll find out.

Here are some links to the new Nikon Z6 II: